QUACKERY NOT!!! By A Happy User


As a member of a long-range locator/metal detector enthusiast group that has grown tired of the skeptical faux pas that seem to abound re these locators, I have decided to begin a site for those who espouse the cause FOR them.

Too often we find there are those that will denigrate that which they haven't even tried which is a pity really. I know that personally my locating has gone from strength to strength after I was introduced to the Ranger-Tell Examiner and I find idle talk of 'quackery down under' appalling and unsupported.

I say this because I have never seen anything like the Examiner ..anywhere on this Earth. At first I thought it was a rod and was somehow..I didn't know what to think. Then I read the skeptics taking down units that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. That was all well and good but it soon became clear their facts weren't there in any form. They voiced often conceited opinions and could not prove anything they said. I would read these every now and then and decided to trial one of them for my own curiosity since I had an earthen bent and wanted to be near Nature whenever I could. As well I had developed a lethargy and indifference to travelling to the bushlands which I knew wasn't good.

Well, it so happened that the cheapest locator was a Ranger-Tell " Examiner." The first thing that hit me was that it was ultra-light. Great I thought...no more backache and sore ears from the Fisher. It wasn't dowsing since all functions work independently of the user. I took it to a stream near my estate and decided to sweep for gold, then copper, lead and gems like diamonds..Of course these were fanciful I thought but...

..lo and behold, and I still don't believe this (lol)  I picked up a couple of gold locks ... some copper and lead and believe it or not a diamond trace. This turned out to be my wife's necklace that was in the car but I soon learned to tune this out. However I did find and dig some traces of gold by the stream and copper knick-knacks and foil plus a number of lead sinkers. All well and good. Imagine my surprise when I measured the distance back to where I had detected the metals in the first place....A full kilometre and a half.!!! The sinkers were the deepest (about a foot), the gold was actually in a stream (which I panned) and the copper about 4 inches down.

Anyway since then I have had no end of pleasure with my "Rangertell." I even use it for other things that I won't go into here. But the fact that the Examiner has taken my recreational life from an average of  fishing and hunting and some detecting to a new height gives me inspiration to do this little favor for those of you that may not know yet.

When I get around to rescuing some shots of my exploits with the Examiner I will post them. Until then you will have to be content with this preamble. I would recommend this as the number one priority for those who are interested in a good time at the weekends.

The label of quackery that is spoken of by idle contributors to Randi sites and such is in fact unfortunate in that the skeptics even cite the motive mechanism and scoff... This is indeed poor discernment of the truth. You see there is no quackery involved when you see it with your own eyes and realise that somewhere, someone  has found a great reef or a cache of gold and diamonds with these units. They are only quackery in the hands of those who will not allow their minds to grasp the simple notions of natural resonant frequency. Just because they have read something like it before doesn't mean it's quackery.

I cannot speak highly enough of this product because if you knew me you would realise that to cut a long story short... I am healed!!



The pic on Randi's site is not like the Examiner I have that can be seen at www.rangertell.com You'll find that is an early one that does nothing like what the one I have does. That one was one of the first I believe, nothing like the ones available today (See www.rangertell.com/indexcc.htm and tab through or www.rangertell.com tabs left of page.) The frequencies were good for those early models but needed updating, that was all. Now it has the ability to tell me exactly where, how far away, how big and what shape the target is..If that's not worth discussing I don't know what is.





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I happened to read on a gold prospectors forum which has a link to my site (I gave them) that a poster called goldsubaru is telling fibs. He said he expected pictures of meteorites to be used as evidence for these locators...more than a year after such pictures were posted on the site. One suspects that he wants the reader to imagine that the meteorite pics were added as a result of his statement. Hopeless misdirection. Then he claims the owner is someone other than a Mr G. Brooker despite it in fact being the same.Again he claims that Ranger is buying a metal detector that straps onto the feet..a legitimate detector sold on ebay. He cites a report written by a redneck and says this is proof that it is 'nonsensicle' to expect these devices to work. Obviously anyone who makes so many faux pas has skeptical/commercial intent. Another spamming defamer is Feldspar22, who illegally posts everywhere the same repulsive tripe, even falsely buying RT items on ebay, but not paying.  More evidence that the quackery is emanating from the skeptics not these detector people. Also Ranger uses Minelab (site info) and claims it is the best in the world. That comment on the post on the prospectors forum should not be ascribed to R-T if it appears so. Minelab USA HQ was in fact over the moon when they trialled the Examiner. It's the Infinium that's referred to in the posts there, not Minelab. Apparently a test revealed a few flaws. That's neither here nor there and depends on the user.Oh...and the positive comments are not used as testimonials. There is a link on the Examiner page  at R-T that shows 144 of the ebay sales. It was there before the silly comment, which like the meteorite jibe is coming from the same skeptic/commercial source. These skeptics write emails to the winners of the ebay auctions for the Examiner expressing false concern (because they back standard metal detectors). Ranger told me it has cost R-T two sales in two weeks. With such illegal activity is it any wonder the skeptics are disliked. Over the years it's been tantamount to larceny of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the other buyers that have cited the reports written by Carl. One, a distributor ready to buy in bulk quoted it directly. Knowing this is untrue and that each sale is important why shouldn't the arm of consumer law take these hooligans by the scruff of the neck and throw them down the stairs? R-T was as polite as could possibly be on the forums for two years. Still Sam and Carl  carry on their criminal scam artistry. It's only a matter of time before they are dealt with severely.

If there is any doubt about the nefarious forum activities of these skeptics one need only read this summation:  http://sitewatch.longrangelocating.4t.com


Below pic: Ranger-Tell I found has made many instruments for metal detection and has had almost 100% acceptance from buyers. This is not quackery. I also note that none of the instruments are radionics or for medical purposes.


On a trip recently with my Ranger-Tell

with my "Rangertell."